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All too many times overwhelmed caregivers are physically and emotionally depleted and need to take time to rest and care for themselves. Believing in a holistic approach to caregiver stress and a strong commitment to helping our members find the right solutions, we created this blog to help you connect with others who, like you, may be facing the same eldercare issues and challenges. Feel free to comment, ask questions, and submit articles. Please forward the blog link to your family and friends. They'll be glad you did.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Aging with Grace introduces…Ask the Expert

As the solution to elder caregiver stress - Aging with Grace is reaching out to other “experts” in the vast field of senior care and caregiver services to provide our members with the opportunity to ask specific questions to our panel of experts. We are “kicking off” the program by introducing Jason Young, MS, hospital based clinician for cognitive impairments & geriatric-psychiatric disorders at The Lifespring Center at Hillside Hospital, Pulaski, TN. Through his ability to effectively communicate with families Jason is able to educate them about the growing problem of misdiagnosing common psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety for dementia.


  1. What a great service. I continue to be impressed by quality services that Aging with Grace provides and the information on this blog. I'm glad our union offers your program.


  2. Jason Young is an excellent candidate for your panel of experts. About two years ago Mr. Young came to our home to assess my father-in-law, age 84 who lives in our home. He frequently would wake us multiple times during the night suffering from dellusions, and would sometimes become violent when we would try to calm him down. This went on for several weeks and we were almost at wits end when we heard about Jason & Lifespring Center. Jason's assessment was very thorough and probing. He acted very professionally when interviewing my father-in-law yet was able to do so in a pleasant and relaxing manner putting my FIL at ease. My father-in-law warmed up to him quickly and it was easy to see that he had a genuine concern for his safety, his concerns & his well being. My father-in-law spent about 10 days at Lifespring center where appropriate diagnoses and medications were presecribed. Thanks to Jason and Lifespring Center's caring professionals my father-in-law is doing much better and we are able to get much needed sleep & rest at night. You are to be commended for chosing such a talented and dedicated individual for your panel of "experts."

    Anyone desiring additional information on our experience with Jason & Lifespring may email me at harripm@yahoo.com.

  3. We are thrilled to have Jason Young helping our clients. His compassion for caregivers that are faced with the task of caring for a elderly loved with a psychiatric disorder is impressive to say the least! Rita and I are thrilled to have someone of his caliber on our panel of Ask the Experts.

    Welcome aboard Jason!



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