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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eldercare isn't all about stress

Many of us have great stories to share about the humorous side of care giving.

For example: Molly P. was helping her 94 yr old aunt (aka Auntie) move from a 4 bedroom house where she lived for 63 years, into a 1 bedroom apartment in an assisted living community. As they were weeding through the accumulation of stuff & things from two husbands, her mom and aunt, it became increasingly apparent that getting Auntie to part with anything was going to take skill, patience and a great deal of convincing!

After a few hours of sorting through her books, I forgot to mention that Auntie’s sister owned a bookstore, we moved on to her bedroom. I assigned her the task of sorting out the shoes in her closet as I started working on the chest of drawers. As I started to place her strapless bras in a bag tagged for charity, Auntie protested, and adamantly proclaimed “their coming with me.” Before thinking I blurted out, “what do you need them for, to hold your knees together”? We both started to roar with laughter and it was at that point she came to the realization that she was closing a page on a long chapter of her life and opening another.

If you have a funny or heart warming story to share we would love to hear it.


  1. My husband went to pick up my 87yr old mother and bring her to our home for Sunday dinner as he does every week. As they came in the front door, I hugged my mom as I always do. As I stood there taking an extra long hug (I do this now all the time because...well, I don't know if I will get the chance again) I saw my husband in extreme animation pointing to his eyebrows and then pointing to mother. It certainly appeared to be code for, "holy crap your mom has to much makeup on."
    As I broke, the embrace to look at her face, how surprised was I to see Estee Lauder Cherry Red eyebrows. With the grace of God, I was able to control myself from dissolving into laughter. I said,"Mother did you mistake your lip lining pencil for your eyebrow pencil?" She looked at me rather bewildered and said, "I don't think so, why?" I decided at that point to take her into the bathroom so she could see for herself. Upon seeing herself in the mirror, she started to laugh and said, "you know I thought my eyebrows look a little different tonight." A little different?? I suggested if she wanted, I would be happy to get her my eyebrow powder, so she could apply new eyebrows. Continuing to look in the mirror she replied, "Naaah it doesn't look that bad, and it's just you and Fred."
    Well suffice it to say we had a lovely dinner replete with good food, drink and conversation. When Fred came back from taking mother home, we sat and laughed until our sides ached.
    Now for anyone reading this entry that thinks we were laughing at an old and dotty dame calm down...mother is as sharp as any pencil in the pile. What was soooo funny was her nonchalant "aahhh, it's just you and Fred".
    When she passes on and friends and family are gather together to cry about her death and laugh in celebration of her life I will share this story. I hope that I won't have to share it too soon

  2. My story isn't quite as humorous as the others however,I really had to chuckle when I overheard my mom and 2 aunts lamenting over getting old. Of course there were the usual complaints...being forgetful,aches & pains,going to the doctor all the time,your kids thinking that they know what is best for you, etc. My mom's biggest complaint?? She can no longer wear high heeled pumps and strappy sandals!! You gotta love a gal who's only complaint about getting old is a smaller selection of shoes...

  3. Esther, do we have the same mother? I couldn't believe what I was reading. I thought I had the most vain mom in the world, now I know someone else does too!

  4. Oh my gosh I have sister's!! Amy...Esther we have the same mom. We must, this is my mom to a T!!!!

  5. I actually laughed out loud reading this. Thanks for brightening my day.


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