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Monday, June 07, 2010

In celebration of the elderly Part III of a Part V series

The following is Part III in a series of V that will highlight extraordinary people and businesses that have made a positive impact on the elderly and the eldercare industry:

Bob DeMarco, founder & Editor Alzheimer’s Reading Room

Bob DeMarco learned about Alzheimer's the hard way--by observing it from the front row. Realizing quickly that being an Alzheimer’s caregiver is not a spectator sport…the Alzheimer’s Reading Room was born.

While reading, researching, and searching the Internet, he recognized there was a need for concise, high quality information that an Alzheimer's caregiver could relate to in their everyday life. He knew from first-hand experience that Alzheimer's caregivers are thrust into their role with little or no experience, training, or education about Alzheimer's disease. As a result, they are overwhelmed and many suffer from depression.

Prior to moving to Delray Beach, Florida to take on the full time caregiver role for his 93 year old mother Dotty, Bob was CEO of a software development and marketing company based in Reston, Va. Before then he had a string of successful accomplishments on Wall Street with Bearn Stearns, Daiwa Securities America, Spencer Trask and Salem Partners.

As he gained experience in caring for his mother, he started writing more about the success he and Dotty were having in fighting Alzheimer’s disease. He learned that the more he allowed her to do the more she could do. Additionally, he found that there really are practical solutions to the problems that face Alzheimer's caregivers each day. Bob also learned the great sense of accomplishment in being a caregiver. He realized that he was not alone, millions of families walk in his shoe each and every day.

As the editor of the Alzheimer's Reading Room which he started to keep track of the thousands of articles and many books he was reading about Alzheimer's disease and dementia; he has written more than 1,510 articles with close to 9,000 links on the Internet.

Articles written by Bob have been syndicated on Reuters, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Time Warner, Chicago Sun Times, Houston Chronicle, Livestrong, Cox News, and Palm Beach Post (to name a few).

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