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Saturday, March 14, 2009

SilverGrace/Rx card…deal or dud?

As an individual consumer, you need to be more aware than ever of prescription medication price increases, and realize that there are ways you can reduce the impact of increasing prices and improve your chance of quality care.

1. Take control of your own health care

You are the ultimate decision maker for your own health care. While physicians prescribe and make recommendations for medications, you should always feel comfortable to ask questions. It is appropriate and reasonable to ask for less expensive medications. You have responsibility to participate in your own health care savings.

2. Ask the cost before you receive the service or medication

With insurance companies and HMO's still paying for the majority of health care including pharmacy cost in the US, many physicians and consumers continue overlook the cost of care. As we know, times have changed. Consumer behavior has to change as well. Health plans are paying less and medications cost more. Patients are expected to pay more for their prescriptions. It’s time for patients to speak up about quality, safety and cost of pharmaceuticals.

Large employers, Insurance Companies and HMO's have leveraged their position of size and strength to benefit their own interests. Their purchasing power has enabled them to negotiate substantial discounts with manufacturers and retail pharmacies alike. Instead of passing these saving on to their members they retain most of the benefit of the discounts to boost their own profit margins. Bottom line: Rx prices are going up and the consumer is paying more. The biggest losers are the uninsured, the senior with or without Medicare and the self-employer.

3. Gamesmanship at the pharmacy

Large retail pharmacy chains through contracts with health insurance companies and HMO’s, require you the consumer, to pay a minimum cost (even if the prescription drug retail price is less than your co-pay) that will insure themselves a higher profit margin. This is the “minimum prescription co-pay.” Make sure you are a player in the game…ask your pharmacy “will I save money by using my Aging with Grace/Rx discount card or is my prescription plan co-pay be less?”

4. Real life example, HUGE SAVINGS on prescriptions

A member recently purchased a 30 day supply of Tramadol. The retail cost was $22.93, her prescription benefit co-pay was $20.00. After she presented her Aging with Grace/RX discount card, she learned the cost using the card would be $10.90. By being proactive and asking the pharmacist for the retail price she was able to save $9.10.

As a consumer, you have the right to use your pharmaceutical card, or pay for the medication out of your own pocket by using the Aging with Grace/Rx discount card. In order to ensure that you are getting the best price possible, always ask what the price would be if you pay the cash price and use your discount card. If the cash price is less, then use your Aging with Grace/Rx discount card and SAVE MONEY. You always have the right to choose.

If you are paying for your own prescriptions, or your prescription co-pays continue to rise then you need the Aging with Grace/Rx card. This program gives you, the individual consumer, the same level of discounting that the HMO's and insurance companies enjoy. The Aging with Grace/Rx program has proven to be an effective tool in lowering the impact of high prescription costs.

Conclusion: The SilverGrace Rx discount card is a deal!

In these turbulent times when workplace benefits are being cut, jobs are being lost and savings depleted, we need to be well informed so we can make educated decisions to save money. Managing healthcare costs requires individual responsibility and accountability for the services and medications we utilize. Accepting that responsibility to save money will set a trend for our future health care needs. For those of us who pay our own way, the effort is worth the energy expended for the money saved!

SilverGrace/Rx providing the lowest prices possible on prescriptions at 54,000 pharmacies across the country! Download your card to start saving today.


  1. Walter and Stella N. - Detroit MIMarch 17, 2009 at 3:50 PM

    Thank you for this article. I printed out the discount card and used it today at my drug store. 3 of our medications cost less then our copayment!

  2. I used this card over the weekend and saved over $11 and I have prescription insurance through my husband's union. I am so glad that our union offers your program. MaryEllen Doherty - South Bend,IN

  3. Shanelle WashingtonMarch 26, 2009 at 6:46 PM

    Can I have cards sent to my church for our community outreach program?

  4. Yes, Shanelle. You can download a PDF of the prescription card from the blog link on the right sidebar or call 800-626-9440 and we would be happy to provide you with cards.

  5. Bless you for helping others


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